Holiday Animation!

2010-12-17 14:25:24 by Midlad

I stay away forever and then submit two toons with weeks of distance?


I especially reccomend the Trio Tuna's Politically Correct Holiday Song , a music video I made after Andrew Pants's awesome song!

Check him out too!


2008-10-30 06:09:19 by Midlad

Hey there!
I am still working on that flash animation...
AND!!! Most important think!!! I finally decided to have a DeaviantArt page!

If you have some spare time or you wanna see some Tricky, Dragonball, Death Note drawings check it out!

Oh, please leave comments! Bye ^^

Hello there

2008-09-20 14:35:14 by Midlad

I'm Midlad and I posted just one vid on Newgrounds since I had subscribed. And that job was my first flash. And I did it a lot of years ago. from there on I kept on practising with flash but I never ended up on concluding a long animation.
As for now I am working on the sequel to my comicbook wich i promised my schoolmates to finish up before apocalipse comes...So I still got 4 years.
AND I WILL HARDLY REFUSE ANY REQUEST FOR A COLLAB OR SUCH. I will at least try and I shouldnt have problems with the collab sketch timing.
If you want some breif indications on my style i posted some of my old and new drawings of mine at this link. om/photos/cns!5A03D681DF01CCD6!117/