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...How did this get on the front page? Awful Acting, still shot and poor "animation". Don't misunderstand me: this may have been a big accomplishment for the author, but it's no good...

I actually laughed hard!

This is so well acted by D-Mac-Double!!! Seriously, it is perfect! I didn't know the "game" and I didn't play it till after watching this, and the game was fun too, but THIS! This made me really crack from laughter! You've got an awesome voice!

too bad for the audio

That was a nice animation, yet the music and sounds in the first half were boring 'the hell' out of me. The music in the second part was awesome and the animation was quite better. Maybe what I'm saying is: you shouldn't make a lame half so that the secnd will look awesomer... Nice job tho!

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Extremely fast paced for a game about pauses! Deserves a Steam release! Wuould buy!!!

Awesome! But...

why did the last skin have to be so ugly and laggy? I suppose it's a joke but I don't get it. Plus it's not even stronger than the one before, as it is not immune to spikes. I guess the joke is: the skin is just an excuse to show-off how rich you are... Anywas the game was great, the enemies and the graphics were awesome. I really enjoy this game!

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Great Game!

The art and design of it was what kept me going! I had no reason to stop, untill I bought everything and the game won't finish. I'll elaborate: I think it would've been more rewarding if you had to reach a certain lenght or so. The achevements don't do the trick. Reaching that would display a "you won" thing, and you could still play. Also:in the end one launch can virtually last forever and the only thing to stop it is bad luck. So I would've kept playing if i could've de-upgade cannons and jetpacks, like the guns do, so that i would test my abilities. Anyway, this isn't a bad comment at all! Just... I might be sad cause it's over. :D Awesome work!

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This sounds like a professional composer! Very Impressive!

Pretty cool!

It makes me wonder what a gameboy color game of Saw would be like!

Really interesting!

Although there are many good musicians here, it's rare to find a song wich is well structured, and not flat...
Here's the thing: I am currently searching an instrumental song on which to add some japanese lyrics for it to be the "Opening" of a short-cartoon series. But the serie might be pretty stupid, so if you feel like you don't want your song to be stained with stupidity feel free to deny me the use of the song! I'll await your answer to: could I use it?

MashedByMachines responds:

Sure :)

I sent you a PM

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